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Monday, August 3, 2020

Aba District Camp Ground Fundraising Campaign

Aba District Camp Ground Fundraising Campaign
Assemblies of God Church Aba District Nigeria is looking to secure a camp ground for her prayer meetings and retreats.
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Following the separation of the former Aba District, Aba District(present) lost the prayer camp ground at Evangel Seminary. The current site for our district programs at 222 Clifford Road has become too small to contain us because God has increased us in numbers.

Even as we await the coming revival, God has promised that there will be inflow of members into the Assemblies of God Church.

We are looking for God blessed individuals, individuals who love the work of God and those whom God has laid the burden of the Church to donate to this project of God. For there is no better place to sow than in Church project.

May God bless and prosper every hand that donates to this campaign in Jesus’ name; Amen!

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