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Monday, August 3, 2020

Our Love

With all our hearth we declare our love for Jesus, and for all the Christians scattehope and wait for His coming and continues steadfastly in the love of God.


Our Joy

Our joy comes from the Holy Ghost. For his spirit bares witness within our hearts that we are his Children and that having been bought with His blood, soon we shall be like him.


Our Hope

For we continuously hope in Christ who shall return soon, that we may be found worthy to stand in his presence blameless. Hoping also that you find peace that He only can give.


Missions Support

The heartbeat of God

Aid and Join us in spreading the Gospel of Jesus and reaching out to the less priviledge through Missions. We hereby solicite for your gifts, money, phisical and spiritual support

...that the gospel may be preached to all mankind...

Christian resources

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